Hexes and Exes: Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series (A Cozy Witch Mystery) Book 5


You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher’s perspective at a school for at-risk youth. The series WOMBY’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES is a whimsical urban fantasy mystery set in a contemporary subculture of magical beings and monsters.


The ghosts of boyfriends past are haunting Clarissa Lawrence, the most unmagical teacher at Womby’s School for Wayward Witches.


She has visions of Julian, the dead boyfriend she killed in self-defense, and worries his ghost intends to harm her. She finds a coded message from her high school sweet heart, Derrick, who has been captured by the Raven Court. Clarissa must resort to drastic measures in order to break his curse and free him from the Raven Queen. To complicate matters, a virgin-obsessed unicorn is crushing hard on Clarissa and threatens to ruin her plans of saving the man she loves.


When Clarissa’s problems aren’t filled with her exes, they are filled with hexes. Everything in her life revolves around letting go of her past so she can accept her future. Clarissa must save Derrick before the Raven Queen gets him for good, even if it means she must join the dark side to do so.

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