Four Harry Potter Videos You’ll Love


I found out a while ago there’s a fun term for Harry Potter nerds: Potterheads. Not to be confused with a different name more commonly found in Eugene, Oregon. As a fantasy reader and Potterhead, I can’t get enough Harry Potter. Here are a few fun videos I’ve enjoyed and compiled that other fans might get a kick out of too.


Harry Potter and How it Should Have Ended

If you have never watched a “How it should have ended” video, the premise is they creators select a movie and rewrite the end, usually in some kind of simplistic way that could have been solved early on. This video used some of the Harry Potter plot holes in a humorous way. But any Harry Potter fan knows how it should have really ended and what Snape would have truly done. Although their end is funny, I didn’t find it satisfying.


Potter Puppet Pals: Snape’s Diary

This is so funny. My students introduced me to Potter Puppet Pals a couple years ago.


Lindsay Lohan harry Potter Parody

I remember loving this SNL skit starring Lindsay Logan as Hermione when it first came out, but I can’t find the full clip online. If anyone finds it, let me know so I can repost a better clip.


Harry Potter and the Order of Umbridge

The first minute and a half is exactly like my teaching experience. Is it really a surprise why Harry Potter gets a detention? It goes on a bit long, just like my life.


I’ve taught for over fourteen years now. Often, I wish I was a teacher at a magical school. Instead of teaching arts and crafts I would teach dark arts and crafts. Instead of having budget cuts . . . I would probably have. . . . Actually, no, I would probably still be employed by schools that couldn’t afford nice brooms, wands or quills for the students.

My musings inspired me to write my current series, Womby’s School for Wayward Witches. Imagine Hogwarts from the teacher’s point of view.

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