Five Fun Harry Potter Music and Dance Videos


These videos feature a few of my favorite things: Harry Potter, parodies and music. Considering I am a Harry Potter fan AND a belly dancer, it should be no surprise I would dance to this. I have done so twice and I hope to do so again. I’ve saved that special treat for last because if you watch it first, nothing else will compare.

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

I love everything this young man sings. I love that he sings well, he is so creative with his lyrics and he is able to sing a cappella so well and I can tell exactly what soundtracks he is covering. Also, I appreciate that he covers the plot without spoiling it.


Harry Potter Music Video

This video is well executed. It is fun to watch and listen to.


Harry Potter Dance Battle

The concept of this is fun. I like the idea of a Hogwarts versus Twilight dance challenge.  The dancing in this is well done.


Dark Lord Funk—Harry Potter Parody of Uptown Funk

This is my absolute favorite harry Potter parody ever. It helps that I love this song. I have belly danced to it and once I wore a Lord Voldemort mask on the back of my head.


I’ve taught for over fourteen years now. Often, I wish I was a teacher at a magical school. Instead of teaching arts and crafts I would teach dark arts and crafts. Instead of having budget cuts . . . I would probably have. . . . Actually, no, I would probably still be employed by schools that couldn’t afford nice brooms, wands or quills for the students.

My musings inspired me to write my current series, Womby’s School for Wayward Witches. Imagine Hogwarts from the teacher’s point of view.

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