FAQ Questions Sarina Dorie is Commonly Asked on Facebook


These books look so cute. Are they for children?

The target demographic is young/new adult for Womby’s School for Wayward Witches. Book 1 is free of profanity, sexual situations, and adult situations in general. It is perfectly fine for teens. In Book 2 the series gets a little bit more mature, but it is still fine for teens. By the time the reader progresses to Book 3, Witches Gone Wicked, the story and characters are put in more mature situations and there’s more profanity. By Book 4, the sexual situations the character finds herself in are progressing, which I believe it to be appropriate for new adults, meaning people over the age of 18. The rest of the books in the series progress in maturity as the character matures. 

Book 18 is a novella that is completely clean and free of profanity and sexual content, suitable for middle grade or young adults.

The Trouble with Hedge Witches Series is meant for teens and young adults; there is no profanity or sexual content. 

The Vega Bloodmire Cozy Witch Mysteries Series are surprisingly free of profanity (if you are familiar with Vega from the Womby School for Wayward Witches Series, this might come as a surprise because of how much she swears in that series), and those books are free of sexual content.

The Son of a Succubus Series is meant for young adults. The series is free from profanity, and although there are situations that require maturity, there is very little sex on the page, and only sexual references, even though the main character is an incubus. 

I also have other books like Silent MoonDawn of the Morning Star, and Urban Changeling that are meant for young adults which are not part of this series.

I am done reading Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series. I’m so sad. What can I read next?

I have several series, some of which are in the same world with the same characters. After reading Clarissa Lawrence’s adventures in Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series, a reader can move on to Abigail Lawrence’s life and journey in The Trouble with Hedge Witches. To find out what happens to Abigail and Lucifer her cantankerous cat, a reader can move on to the Son of a Succubus Series. I also have started a series called The Vega Bloodmire Cozy Witch Mystery SeriesGhoulish Charms is the first book, out late 2020, and I hope to release the Felix Thatch Hex Files Series in 2020.

If you are open to reading funny, steamy steampunk, you might enjoy The Memory Thief Series.

I loved this book! I can’t wait to purchase the next one.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d love for readers to see what you have to say about the series. If you haven’t done so already, it would mean a lot to me if you left an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, Book Bub, or whatever platform you use to engage with other readers. Even if it’s a few words, reviews help give books more visibility so readers can find the books they love.

Are these witch books based on real Pagan practices like Wicca?

Yes and no. I’ve studied various spiritualities and alternative modes of healing, and often that inspires my writing. At the same time, it was never my intention to write nonfiction. I’m writing fantasy and it is more about the story and characters in a fantasy setting. Hopefully people see my writing as enjoyable entertainment, but it is also fun when someone tells me I’ve represented real witches accurately. Once, a spirit medium told me I accurately portrayed magic in psychic abilities, so that was exciting!

How get exclusive deals and keep myself informed of your works?

The best way to stay in contact with me, hear about what I’m writing, know when a new release lands, or get exclusive deals and freebies is by signing up for my newsletter. Click the link below.


I clicked on a special free ebook offer on Facebook. How do I get my book?

Often you’ll stumble upon one of my free ebook giveaways for signing up for my newsletter on Facebook. Before you get started with the how-to guide, please click the offer button or link on Facebook, which will take you out of Facebook and into my newsletter signup process. I use Mailchimp.

Step One:

Please provide an email you’d like me to send your ebook to, and whatever name you’d like me to call you. Hit the ‘subscribe’ button.

Step Two:

Check your inbox! The email often shows up in the promotion tab. It will be from: Sarina Dorie, [email protected]. Click to accept your subscription to my newsletter.

Step Three:

You’ve subscribed! A separate email from me will be sent confirming your subscription to the newsletter. In the body of the email will be the links to download the book. Click on whatever format you’d like to use to read your ebook. The book will download to whatever device you are on, so if you read on a Nook or Kindle, try opening the email and downloading the file on your device that way. 

And that’s it! You are now signed up to receive all news and promotions and everything Womby’s! If you have any questions, please email me.

I still cannot get the sign-up form to work so that I can get a free copy of your book.

I’m sorry to hear you are having technical difficulties. Please send me an email at: [email protected].

When you write to me at my email address, I need three things:

  1. The email address where to send this ebook
  2. The title of the free book (I have multiple giveaways, and want to make sure I send you the correct book!)
  3. The format you want the book: PDF, Kindle MOBI, or EPUB. 

I will send you an email with the free book and sign you up for the newsletter manually so you can get the other free books as well.

The most common response I get after helping someone to download the book is silence. 

Sometimes I ask: Have you finished reading Witches Gone Wicked? It would help me greatly if you left a review. Even a short review would be perfectly fine. That helps others know what you have to say. And were you successful in downloading the book? If not, let me know, and I can see if we can troubleshoot the problem.