Editing Tips: Pronouns, Proper Nouns and Capitalization Problems


Learn common grammatical mistakes that writers make when submitting manuscripts and how to prevent them. 


A few months ago I presented at the Willamette Writers in Eugene, Oregon and then at Rose City Romance Writer’s Portland chapter of RWA on grammar. When I am copy editing, there are common mistakes I find among writers again and again. If you already know these rules and use them in your own writing correctly, this is an area where you have a strength. If you aren’t aware of a rule, need to look at the examples to answer correctly, or typically use a manual to refresh your memory, this is an area you might want to practice in order to improve.


*Be aware, there are exceptions to every rule below.


Pronouns, Proper Nouns and Capitalization Problems

Capitalize titles and names: Father, King George, President Obama,

Don’t capitalize: my father, the king, the president

Correct the Following:

I went down to Fisherman’s Wharf in Seattle to see my Father. The Wharf was full of boats, shoppers, and people. It was there I found father. He sat next to the King.



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