Busy Summer of Writing


This summer I attended conferences (Gearcon, Worldcon, Norwescon and the Willamette Writers), presented writing and steampunk workshops, wrote a steampunk novel and edited another in the series, wrote some stories, sold some stories and was pretty busy. As of last week, I have officially sold 90 short stories, 30 of them sold this year. This summer I was busy sending stories out, starting in June and it really shows in my rejections and sales that I am hearing about now. Usually I reap the rewards of submissions three months later. In one of my rejections I was told that the publisher really liked my “Dear Jezzy” stories from DSF and send them something like those. It is pretty flattering when an editor has read your work and comments on it, even if it is only in a rejection letter.

Some of the stories I sold this summer were as follows:


Urban Changeling is now available in as a Kindle and print book on Amazon (not exactly a sale, but exciting)

A Mother’s Arms (Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine—in the same world as the Day of the Nuptial Flight, which I previously sold them)

The Sin Collector (Evil Girlfriend Media)

Six Tips for Sleighing a Unicorn (Daily Science Fiction)

13 Common Mistakes in Web Writing (Romance Writer Report)

Eva the Almost Vampire (Golden Fleece Press—I also sold them an illustration to go with it)

Fairy Godmother Protols (Daily Science Fiction)

The Zombie Education Program (SciPhi Journal)



The Sandman’s Lover (New Myths)

Dragons for Dummies (Shattered Prism)

Bite Me (Odd Tree Press)



Careers for Immortals—9 flash fiction stories (DSF)

Nine Ways to Communicate to the Living (Flatiron)



The Waking of Sleeping Beauty (Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications)

Princesses Do Not Breathe Fire (Cast of Wonders) FREE AUDIO

Now that summer is over, I am back at work trying to squeeze it all in. Since my job has switched from part time to full time and I am at a new school teaching slightly different classes, much of my writing time will now switch to writing lesson plans.