A Review of Rachel Bloom’s Hilarious Music Videos


I have been really into Rachel Bloom lately. I love music, dance and comedy. Her videos combine the best of those worlds. Rachel Bloom has her own television show. I don’t have cable, so I’ve only seen excerpts.  Some of these pieces are a little naughtier than the Studio C I’ve posted in the past. But I like how smart and sassy the humor is. I enjoy the feminine take on the humor. I can relate to the things feminine issues or feminine perspective on dating and other topics in some of her videos. The particular ones I selected below I love because of the music and concepts.


Jazz Fever

This is one my favorites because I like the song. It is jazzy and really fits the style, but I also like it because it is funny. I love parodies.



The Math of Love Triangles

I like this one for the same reason as the last. It fits the style and it is funny when you listen to the words.



Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

One of my friends said the actress/singer got to meet Ray Bradbury and she was embarrassed. I can’t completely blame here. The song is hilarious but it I was his fan I wouldn’t be able to talk to him after this either.



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