A Review of Funny Music Videos by Garfunkel and Oates


I like comedy. It doesn’t matter if it is paranormal or mainstream. I can dissect humor and say the reason something is funny is because it is unexpected. It surprises us in some way. But we all have our individual tastes of what works and how far those boundaries can be pushed. Some of these pieces are a little naughtier than the Studio C I’ve posted in the past. But I like how smart and sassy the humor is. I enjoy a woman’s take on the humor. I can relate to the things feminine issues or feminine perspective on some of these topics.


Garfunkle and Oates

I don’t know how I found Garfunkel and Oates. They are so funny, smart and feminine, but their songs are definitely not PG. I thought I had made a post on them before and I’m surprised I haven’t yet. They have a television show on Netflix. I’ve seen one of the episodes and it was seriously funny.



Pregnant Women Are Smug

Here is a sample of one of their slightly cleaner songs. It is a funny song and I like their voices.



The Loophole

This one is very naughty and anyone who goes to a Christian school apparently knows what this is, as I found out recently.



I Would Never Have Sex with You

I love the typical Garfunkel and Oates humor of this. I also really like the song. I feel like it is reminiscent of something else but I don’t know what it is, maybe something vaudeville.


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