15 Snarky Teacher Memes I Would Love to Post In My Classroom


These are snarky teaching memes I would really like to post in my classroom. Last year when I got a color printer in my classroom with the fees from my class, I thought I would even print some of these memes. But alas, it took almost all year before my help desk ticked was responded to for the second or third time after I explained that the tech services hadn’t installed the printer correctly. Being the luddite of luddites, I couldn’t figure it out. Considering the school’s tech guy couldn’t either, I didn’t feel that bad, only I really wanted to print using that big hunk of gears taking up a large section of my desk.

Because it took until the end of the year when I was way too busy to do things like post de-inspirational posters around my classroom, I decided this task would wait until next year. However, I have at least organized all these potential posters in the same place so that I can print them out and hold them up when a student gives me an excuse like, “That is stupid. Why didn’t you give me full credit? I don’t need to put my name on all my papers.”

One might think the next one is only someone a teacher has to tell elementary school students. No. I teach high school. I say such things like “Don’t like the marker,” or “Don’t like that boy,” or “Don’t like my papers,” regularly.


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