Unicorns and the Readers Who Love Them

Unicorns and the Readers Who Love Them unicorn lovers galor

I have loved unicorn since I was five years old. Especially unicorns with rainbow manes. I don’t know if this is a My Little Pony thing or because I watched Rainbow Brite as a child and I loved her unicorn—which could, of course, also fly.







Every once in a while, I write a short story with unicorns in them. They have to be sassy and weird unicorns because that’s just the kind writing that I do. A few years ago I put together a collection of short stories titled, Fairies, Robots and Unicorns—Oh My! A lot of people commented on that unicorn with the laser rainbow gun on the cover.



When I was writing the Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series and I included unicorns, some people love the chauvinistic unicorns with potty mouths, and some people really hated them, because they were very different than what people imagine unicorns should be.

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite unicorn things with you.

Unicorn Gold from Squatty Potty

A while ago my sister sent me this video on Facebook or YouTube. And the unicorns in this video really make it a product that I would actually consider buying. I’ve never seen an advertisement as hilarious as this.

You can view the product on amazon here 



Squatty Potty

I don't know which video is better, the one for the Squatty Potty or the Unicorn Gold.


You can view this product on amazon


Tootie the Ice Cream Unicorn
Another favorite unicorn thing that I’ve seen lately, is this Tootie the Ice Cream Unicorn made by Play-Doh. This came in a Fred Meyer toy wish list book that shows lots of children’s toys for them to pine over for Christmas. When I saw this unicorn, I thought to myself, where was this when I was a child? Why does this have to be a thing now? It really is unfair that I am too old to ask Santa for this gift for Christmas.

A few months back I attempted to make Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series merchandise. I ended up putting the idea on hold after running into problems with the Amazon page for creating products, many help ticket requests, and over a month of them “looking into the problem.” Perhaps some day Amazon Merch will figure out the problem and I will finally be able to make products from my series like this T-shirt. When they do, I will post a link to this product.


If the six-year-old little girl inside of you is pining for unicorn gifts, or you have a six-year-old in your house that is in love with unicorns, check out this collection of unicorn vomit (not literally) at my Indiegogo fundraiser, which is raising money to make my Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series into audiobooks. All funds raised will go directly into the production of these books. By the way, these books not only feature witches, but also there are some unicorns starting in Book 3, Witches Gone Wicked as well as the Son of a Succubus Series, soon to be released on Amazon.