Writing Audio

As if an ex boyfriend isn’t hard enough to get rid of, imagine one who has risen from the grave to eat your brain—and watch football on your TV. Zombie Psychology is a short story of about 900 words by Sarina Dorie. It was previously published on the "Untied Shoelaces of the Mind" in print and audio.


“Blackboard Galaxy,” is a 1,720 word science fiction story about a teacher who has dreamed of teaching in space. Now that she is living her dream, she must find ways to discipline students besides eating them, as that is the standard protocol among alien teachers. This story originally appeared in Issue 6 of Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. It is available in print here: 


It is available as an podcast here:


“Lady Chatterley’s Computer,” is a 3350 word steampunk/alternate history parody. Like the original Lady Chatterley, this heroine seeks refuge from the tedium of her daily life and yearns for something more, though it isn’t the gardener she takes on as her lover. Originally the story appeared in Deep Wood Publishing's Ancient New Anthology in 2015 and was made into a podcast on Overcast.



Princesses Do Not Breathe Fire is a fairytale about a princess who inconveniently has ‘green eczema’, breathes fire, eats annoying court jesters and behaves in an ‘unprincessly’ manner. To solve these woes, the princess goes on a quest to cure her dragon nature. The story is about 4000 words. The story originally appeared on Flagship and later became a podcast on Cast of Wonders.